Corporate Social Responsibility

Conserving for our future


Architectural preservation & transformation lies at the heart of our business – unlike traditional developers, we don’t knock down but instead we preserve the foundation – which is inherently more sustainable. We then conscientiously design our beloved shop house assets for modern use, working with the right architects, designers and tenant partners; whether the end use is office space, F&B or accommodation.


Daily ‘green’ pursuits


Being environmentally friendly is no longer a trend, it’s a daily pursuit, and the smallest of steps can contribute to climate change. Here are a few ways we’re making a positive impact across our business everyday;


• Reducing our carbon footprint by cutting down on paper usage
• Considering better ways for energy efficiency, for example we’ve introduced smart in room technology at our newest hotel that tracks motion so if the room is unoccupied it shuts off the aircon and switches
• Reducing our plastic consumption with filtered water stations and re-fillable dispensers
• And we’ve introduced a select-service model at our hotels that encourages guests to only use what they really need


A diverse workplace


We’re proud to promote equality and diversity:


• 70% of our management are females
• 80% of our operations team are females
• 8 different nationalities in the company
• From a recent EES survey, the findings showed that 84% of our employees agree that 8M encourages diversity


Team initiatives:


Our people are committed to making a difference, whether that be through environmental or societal support. And at least once every year we come together to do something for the greater good, our most recent endeavours include;



• March 2020: Essential care packages collated and delivered to migrant workers during the COVID-19 outbreak – Hope Initiative Alliance

• Dec 2019: Serving smiles, ice-cream and essential supplies to the children at the Panyanukul orphanage in Phuket